Você sabia que o Grupo MB possui uma engenharia extremamente flexível que atende qualquer segmento, estrutura, etc.? Esse é um dos motivos que faz com que sejamos referência, há mais de 20 anos, em soluções inovadoras e sustentáveis de ventilação e iluminação natural.

Today's case study portrays the installation of Domus Linealight, a durable, high-resistance system that enhances natural lighting, reduces the cost of electricity and increases visual comfort in the environment, and of Extractor de aire por gravedad, a natural exhaustion system that promotes a constant exchange of air in the environment, zero energy costs and contributes to a more comfortable and healthy environment, in a Sports Gymnasium in Santa Catarina.

Results of the installations

Through implementation, the client was able to achieve results such as:

  • Uniform illumination;
  • Thermal and visual comfort;
  • Electrical energy savings;
  • Protection against UV rays;
  • More natural ventilation;
  • Constant renewal of the air in the environment;
  • Controlled natural ventilation;
  • Sealing against infiltration;
  • Replenishment of oxygen levels;
  • Well-being of the public and employees.

Did you like the results and would like to enjoy these benefits for your establishment? Count on the MB Group!

In 20 years in the market, the MB Group acquired a vast know-how of products and services, offering high quality materials, light, without noise emission and maintenance costs, ease, agility, state-of-the-art technology, follow-up on delivery, in addition to 5 years of warranty and service throughout Brazil and other countries.

Besides, we count on highly trained professionals!

Do you want to implement these and other solutions in your establishment? Contact the MB Group, we can help you define the best alternative, all according to the needs of the environment!


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