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Do you know what the daylighting requirements are according to NBR 15.575?


NBR 15575 is the Performance Standard for Housing Buildings. Its objective is to offer more comfort, accessibility, hygiene, stability, useful life of the construction, structural safety, and firefighting.

There are some specific requirements for lighting performance, ensuring more comfort for employees and increasing the level of quality in buildings.

Relying solely on daylight, the general lighting levels vary according to the building's premises and must be followed under penalty of lawsuits and other legal penalties.

Check out the table below:

Performance LevelGeneral illumination for lux performance levels   
Pantry/Kitchen ≥60   ≥ 90   ≥ 120
Bathroom Corridor or stairway internal to unit Common corridor Common stairway Garages/parking  Não requerido       ≥ 30≥  45

* Minimum mandatory values according to Criterion 13.2.1 of NBR 15.575-1.

In cases of buildings with more than one floor and rooms on the first floor or on floors below street level, it is permissible for the illuminance levels to be slightly lower than those established (the maximum difference should not exceed 20% in any of the rooms).

Daylighting solutions from the MB Group

The MB Group offers several solutions to assist the natural lighting of your shed, always following all the requirements of NBR 15.575-1.

Domus Linealight is one of them. It is durable and highly resistant, and can be installed on any type of roof. Its objective is to enhance natural lighting, resulting in great energy savings, low maintenance rates, and increased visual comfort in the environment.

In addition to Domus, we also offer the Industrial Lantern that has the function of natural exhaustion, promoting the exchange of air in the place and contributing to a better working environment. It does not require any kind of maintenance because it does not have any moving parts or parts subject to wear and tear.

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