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Lifeline - CPE for work at height

About the product

Lifeline is the name given to a system of steel cable and / or ropes, fixed to structural anchors, in order to prevent the fall of people who are working at height, also called an EPC (Collective Protective Equipment).

  • Fixed or temporary;
  • With steel cables or ropes;
  • Hot-dip galvanised fittings, stainless steel, with galvanised and/or painted finish;
  • Standard quote for hot-dip galvanised tiles, regardless of tile colour;

Why use?

NR 35 - Work at height, determines:

35.1.1 This Standard establishes the minimum requirements and protection measures for work at height, involving planning, organisation and execution, in order to ensure the safety and health of workers involved directly or indirectly with this activity. 35.1.2 Work at height is considered any activity performed above 2.00m (two metres) from the lower level, where there is a risk of falling.

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